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kraeger | wedding slideshow

by admin on Nov.08, 2010, under slideshows, weddings

date | 11.6.10
couple | eric & kelly
ceremony | st francis
location | breese, il
photographers | sal cincotta & taylor cincotta
cinematography | sal cincotta & gage williams

well today took us on a little adventure to breese, il and the surrounding area. i must admit, this was my first trip out that way… living in il, i am surprised i have never made it out there. however, it was both beautiful and filled with local hidden treasures.
we got to enjoy skee soda…(mountain dew on crack, and for the record, not a good fit for sal ;) and then we stopped by dairy king for some ridiculously amazing burgers!!

eric and kelly couldn’t have asked for a better day, gorgeous sky and perfect temperature made for fun pics throughout the day.

congrats you two! enjoy mexico!

kraeger slideshow

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diomis | wedding slideshow

by admin on Oct.31, 2010, under slideshows, weddings

date | 10.30.10
couple | renee & tim
ceremony | xavier
reception | xavier ballroom
make-up | make-up artistry by a&c
photographers | sal cincotta & taylor cincotta

its been a long wedding season for us this year, and like the end of any season, its easy to get tired and burned out. going into renee and tim’s big day, the team was determined to give these guys the experience and energy they deserved!

hard to believe its still october with the amazing weather we  had yesterday, but it was absolutely amazing out and proved to be another great day for pics.

xavier, yet again, proved to be a gorgeous backdrop for the wedding and reception. and true to form, renee and tim were down for whatever i wanted to do… :) if you have worked with me at all, you know my love for playing in traffic. so, we ended the night with this amazing shot in front of xavier and then… went to play in some traffic.

you guys were awesome! hope you enjoy the pics.



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kearns | wedding slideshow

by admin on Oct.26, 2010, under slideshows, weddings

date | 10.23.10
couple | allison & mike kearns
ceremony | the little flower church
reception | the trolly room at forest park
photographers | sal cincotta

talk about the moons aligning… what a perfect day for a wedding and of course pics! had a blast with allison and mike and their group and families were equally as fun. thank you so much for making me feel like part of the family. we got some amazing images from the day and of course… at mike’s urging… my new favorite arch picture. i think the veil seals the deal on this one… :)



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kurtz | wedding slideshow

by admin on Oct.26, 2010, under slideshows, weddings

date | 10.23.10
couple | dawn & neil kurtz
ceremony | holy trinity catholic church
reception | missouri athletic club
photographers | taylor cincotta and tracy link

the rain held out for us! what a gorgeous day it turned out to be for such a beautiful event.  from a balloon exit, to nearly getting run over by the bridal party driving golf carts, to pictures in east st louis this day was a blast!

the best part though…dawn and neil fist pumping to “i like it” for their announcement at the reception-good times… and remember… you do you!



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abbott | bridal shoot

by admin on Oct.12, 2010, under photos, weddings

i love when my couples let me do my thing and just trust me. this is what happens. :)

jen and jimmy were married several months ago… but they had access to grandma’s house and farm in boonsville… no that is not a typo… boonsville, mo.

so, we went out there and the clouds from the rain storm had just passed through and created this amazing cloud cover to give the images a lot of drama.

always a blast seeing you two, hope you had fun running through the wet field. ;)

enjoy! ~sal

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domian | wedding slideshow

by admin on Sep.27, 2010, under slideshows, weddings

date | 9.25.10
couple | meaghan & jonathan domian
ceremony | saint joseph in clayton
reception | saint louis artists’ guild by Catering St Louis
photographers | sal cincotta and tracy link

another incredible day for a wedding. like most weddings, its a day of celebrations and excitement. today just seemed different. no stress, no hiccups, just one big day of fun and laughs for a very loving family. oh yeah… and jon and meaghan got married too. ;)

meaghan was super excited about the artists’ guild for some creative pictures… and i have to admit… i was a little indifferent to the whole thing… i mean, its just a building right? as you will see in the slideshow, i got very excited once we walked in the door and saw this amazing staircase with huge windows. we got some amazing pictures from the day.

and we ended the night with jon doing some bad-ass michael jackson dancing and a special delivery from chick-fil-a. yum!


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todd | wedding slideshow

by admin on Sep.27, 2010, under slideshows, weddings

date | 9.24.10
couple | missy & jim todd
ceremony and reception | old hickory golf club
photographers | sal cincotta and tracy link

what a beautiful day it turned out to be for missy and jim. a little rain in the morning and then clear blue skies for their outdoor wedding at the old hickory golf course.

there were a few parts of the day that made it memorable… obviously, my bride and groom were the stars of the day and the stellar views of the golf course didn’t hurt, but the kids really stole the show… just adorable. one of the little flower girls told me she was tired… i then asked her if she was getting cranky like a monster… she told me yes… and then made her best monster face which you will see in the slideshow. and of course, the ring bearer (missy’s little brother), after waiting for the bride, for what must have seemed like a lifetime for him… asked me “is this marriage thing gonna happen?” i about lost it at that point as you can imagine. he then proceeded to tell me he was a beast at xbox 360. :)

congrats you two and enjoy the show.


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hogan | movie trailer

by admin on Sep.19, 2010, under video, weddings

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huschle | wedding slideshow

by admin on Sep.19, 2010, under photos, slideshows, weddings

date | 9.18.10
couple | josh and melissa huschle
ceremony | saint louis botanical garden
reception | moulin
photographers | sal cincotta & taylor cincotta

where should i start? this event has been two years in the making for us. we met melissa at a bridal show and we hit it off immediately. so much of what we do is about connecting to people. in order for us to make the day special, we must immerse ourselves in your day. and they made it easy. shortly thereafter, we met the rest of the gang… josh, collin and chloe… and they all make for an adorable and loving family.

what an amazing day for these guys. the day started off with the boys… well, being boys. we hit some urban locations in the not so nice parts of st louis… but hey… it makes for great pics.

then the reception at the botanicals was just gorgeous.. a little warm, but after that shade hit us, everyone was much happier.

all in all, an amazing group of people and we feel fortunate to have been part of it.

thanks guys!

kudos to moulin! they had a very cool burger bar… i dont know, maybe its the little things for me… but burgers and home made sweet potato chips… yum!


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engbert | wedding slideshow

by admin on Sep.13, 2010, under slideshows, weddings

alice and joe engbert
date | 9.11.10
location | washington, mo
photographer | sal cincotta and tracy link
cinematography | gage williams and makenzie norris
make-up | Make-Up Artistry by A&C


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